Leave Tree Removal to the Pros

Schedule our tree removal services in the Woodford, VA area

If you cut a tree down by yourself, you may accidentally damage your property or injure yourself. You can make sure the project gets done right by bringing in pros. Mills Home Improvements LLC can provide tree removal services anywhere within 150 miles of Woodford, VA.

We can remove a tree of any size and type, whether it's still standing or it has fallen, even if it has fallen on your building. We can also remove a tree with branches surrounding power lines. For tree removal services from a contractor with decades of experience, call 540-654-6484 right away. We're available 24/7 for emergencies.

Get rid of the stump left behind

When we remove your tree, we'll clear the debris, tree limbs and trunk away. We can also provide stump grinding services to erase an eyesore of a stump from your property. You'll get the stump grindings to use as mulch on your landscape. Contact us today for a free estimate on stump grinding services.